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Be Ready When the Unexpected Happens

Where Lives Matter

Since 2008, Facilities Health Services in Greenville, South Carolina has been working to help save lives through the distribution of AEDs and promotion of high-quality CPR. We are dedicated to helping educate the public about AEDs and CPR, so in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, people will be ready, willing, and able to help save a life.

What We Provide:

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

We are a national distributor for the Zoll brand of defibrillators and an authorized distributor for Philips in North and
South Carolina.

AED Education and Training 

Facilities Health Services customizes AED programs for all clients, whether they are looking to outright purchase AED's or to lease them. These also include a maintenance and familiarization training program.

Training Videos

Use of the Zoll AED Plus

Real Help CPR


Facts Regarding Cardiac Arrest

  • Three to Four Hundred Thousand People Suffer From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Each Year In The United States. One Million Per Year In The US and Europe
  • TIME Is Critical With A Sudden Cardiac Arrest – One To Five Minutes To Save A Life. 90% Chance To Save A Life At One To Two Minutes!
  • Average Response Time For First Responders Once 911 Is Called Is Eight To Twelve Minutes (AHA)
  • For Each Minute Defibrillation Is Delayed Survival Rate Is Reduced By Approximately 10%
  • Thirteen Percent Of All Work Place Fatalities Are From Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Over One-Third Of All Installed Automated External Defibrillators Will Be Used To Save A Life
  • A Sudden Cardiac Arrest Knows No Age Or Gender And Gives No Warning
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Does Not Cause A Heart Attack But A Heart Attack Can Cause A Sudden Cardiac Arrest


To provide quick access to AEDs should someone suffer a sudden cardiac arrest

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